Divorce Recovery 

Learn to love your life after divorce. Dawn Christensen will offer you all the resources you need to thrive from this experience. She will guide you through a process to help you let go of the feelings of anger, guilt, and resentment and teach you to rebuild your life. 


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Upcoming Online Workshops


Raising Happy Kids After A Divorce

Learn the skills it takes to help your children cope with the upset of divorce. This course encourages honesty, supports you in understanding your children's feelings, and gives you the resources you need to help them feel safe, secure, and happy. 


Talking to Your Kids About Divorce

Understanding where your children are at, developmentally, will help you support them adjust to the reality of divorce.


Let Go of The Past, Divorce Recovery Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn to rebuild your life after divorce. You will get support in putting the past behind you, let go of doubt, develop exciting new plans for the future, and practice life skills that will make you feel stronger and happier.